“I have been taking private Mandarin lessons from Vivian Yang of Happy Mandarin Learning Centre for close to two years, twice a week. Mandarin is a difficult language to learn, but Vivian uses excellent resources and makes the learning fun and enjoyable. I have been able to use the Mandarin I have learned while traveling in China and in email communication with our staff there. I highly recommend Vivian as someone that can help you learn Mandarin and also help you understand Chinese cultural nuances. Recently my wife has started to take Mandarin lessons from Vivian and is finding it worthwhile too.”

James D. Peters, Present of Hadrian Manufacturing Inc.

"Vivian has been privately tutoring our children (then 3 and 6) in Mandarin for the past two years and we couldn’t be more pleased with the experience.  Our kids adore her and are always excited when she comes over.    Learning foreign languages is always a daunting task (let alone learning something as foreign as Mandarin) but Vivian’s use of various “fun” tools, such as songs, games and puppets has kept our kids enthusiastic and motivated."

Wesley, father of students from Oakville 

"I would recommend this class to any parent who wants their child to learn Mandarin as a second language and have fun.  The teacher is excellent and knows how to teach children and make them like their lessons. My seven year old daughter really loves her classes and she is learning more and more every week. It is wonderful to hear her reading Chinese with Pinyin or singing Chinese children's songs."

Hmwe, mother of 7 years old student from Hamilton

We have been taking mandarin lessons from the teacher for about 3 years.
The teacher is a diligent and hardworking.
She motivates her students to set goals and helps them to achieve them.
Not only do the students learn the language itself,
they also receive the cultural background associated with the language.
Asia is developing influence and power, and China will be of utmost importance in the future.
Although learning a new language is a process that requires time and patience,
speaking the Chinese language will become an invaluable tool for my children living in the modern global society.

Ms Lim, mother of 14 and 18 years old students from Oakville