Happy Mandarin Translation Service provides professional Mandarin-English; English-Mandarin translation, interpretation services in Burlington, Hamilton, Oakville, Great Toronto Area and surrounding regions. Our interpretor is trained with certification and certified in Ontario province.

Standard rates for English-Mandarin; Mandarin-English print translations range from $0.15-$0.30/word with fast turnaround time. Our interpreter service charge is fair and competitive.

Document Translation
Translation of various commercial and legal documents, contracts, insurance policies and procedures, patents, regulations and standards, scientific and technological materials, enterprise introduction, product specifications, training manual, equipment installation manual, technical instructions, instruction of large equipment and production lines, materials for applying visa or notarization, scripts of film or TV series.

Oral interpretation for various business negotiations, exhibitions, lectures and international conference of different scales.
Interpretation for news conferences or products presentation
Interpretation for tourists
Interpretation for business talk
Interpretation for convention or grand foreign affairs

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